Tuesday, February 4, 2020

MGMT 4500 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

MGMT 4500 - Essay Example This position in the airline’s context is determined by the number of domestic passengers served by the airline. The airline’s portfolio has been built by both strengths and weaknesses. While scenario is relatively a normal phenomenon to almost every business venture, the measures employed by Southwest Airlines in exploiting its strengths and addressing the underlying weaknesses are critical and unique its performance. The company primarily concentrates in domestic passenger travel services, giving it a local advantage. However, in international terms, its business performance is based on collaboration with international airlines. Prior to local, regional or international success, Southwest Airlines has outstanding strengths that maintain its top position in meeting air travel demands for the domestic market. Customer service is one of the critical areas that the airline roots its strengths in. The airline has in the past undertaken and continues to undertake service evaluation with regard to customer expectations. In this customer service practice, Southwest Airlines seeks to identify loopholes in its line of service. Customers are the primary determining factors of the success of a business venture. The management and the employees of the Southwest Airlines critically accounts for this fact by striving to meet customer satisfaction in air travel services. Customer feedbacks are presently used as a tool for designing, formulating and implementing customer service policies in the company. Employee base and the number of flights offered per day is an essential current strength. By close of business year 2011, Southwest Airlines had an employee base of 37,000, and offered up to 3,300 flights a day (Hill & Gareth, 2012). This has been realized to due to the ever rising customer volume especially in the last two years. The effectiveness, efficiency and commitment to duty by its workforce, Southwest

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